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Welcome to WOM&AN – Association for Women in M&A

We're excited to announce WOM&AN, an empowering community dedicated to women active in the field of M&A. Join us as we build connections, share insights, and empower each other to reach new heights.

Dear Women in the field of M&A, 

Our mission is to provide a supportive platform that brings together female professionals, fostering connections, sharing knowledge, and enhancing professional growth.

At WOM&AN, our key objectives are: 

  • Networking: We believe in the power of connections. Our association is dedicated to creating opportunities for you to network with like-minded professionals, industry experts, and leaders in the world of M&A. By joining WOM&AN, you become part of a vibrant network that can enhance your career and open doors to new possibilities. 
  • Promotion of knowledge: In the ever-evolving landscape of M&A, staying informed and up to date is essential. We are committed to promoting knowledge exchange within our community. Expect informative workshops, insightful webinars, and access to industry expertise to keep you at the forefront of developments in M&A.
  • We want to be your very own platform for sharing: We invite you to be an active participant in the WOM&AN community. Share your experiences, insights, and expertise with fellow members. Together, we can create a valuable resource for women in M&A. As a globally active association, we also have a global outreach and want to promote the activity and expertise of our members. Feel free to send us your contributions, ideas, and suggestions at: [email protected].

Your journey with WOM&AN begins here. Stay tuned for exciting updates, events, and opportunities that will empower and inspire you in your M&A career. 

Warm regards, 

The WOM&AN Board 


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